How A Real Estate Attorney Can Benefit You When Buying A House

A lawyer can help you before you purchase a house

As mentioned before, when you purchase a house, you sign a bunch of documents. One of these documents is called a brokerage agreement. This is essentially a contract where someone is agreed to be the sales agent for someone else. This other party is often referred to as the principal.

Not all brokerage agreements cover only a certain amount of legal matters. This makes it possible that the seller will have to pay more than one brokerage.

There is also the purchase agreement. This agreement is extremely important so you should have someone with you during this part. Before you purchase a property, you want to know as much information as you can. You’ll want to know who lived there before you, is there any damages to the house, can you make changes to the house, etc.

Disputes can be handled

Disputes happen all of the time. It can be because of a failed transaction, your landlord or tenant is violating the contract, etc. Regardless of the reason, if you lose in court, you can lose a lot of money. The people at Stone & Sallus don’t want this to happen to you. They cover all sorts of real estate legal issues and provide you with some of the best lawyers around.

Selling a house won’t be as much of a hassle

Maybe you are the one selling a house instead of purchasing one. Stone & Sallus can assist you with that too. There will be times when two parties can’t agree and will put the process at a standstill. You can’t make money off of your house if it isn’t sold. Maybe the other party wants to lower the lease or pay less upfront. Sometimes a party will try to step out of their legal rights.

If you aren’t aware of this, you can lose a lot of money. No one is okay with losing money. If you know what the property is worth, make sure it gets sold at full value.

If things go south, have a lawyer represent you

When you buy, rent, or sell a house, you have to sign multiple documents and agree on a payment method. If this goes smoothly, no issues will arise. If, however, things do not go smoothly, you can find yourself in court over a dispute. You don’t want to go to court without an experienced real estate lawyer as this will make your chance of winning much less likely.