Were Your Rights Infringed Upon?

Employment law is a very big area of law, which most employees don’t know much (if anything) about. The team at, focuses in California-based practice, and specializes in legal battles in the state. Not only does this ensure the team is fully versed in the law, and their clients’ rights, but also work to ensure employers who did something wrong, are going to compensate their employee for that wrong.

Do you know your rights?

Employment law revolves around several different categories. For example, if you are coming back to work as a new mom, can you breastfeed in the break room? Or, if you have asked for an extra two weeks off after your PTO has expired, because of a family emergency, can employers terminate you for this?

Then there are harassment issues, non-disclosure agreements, severance agreements, wrongful termination, overtime pay (and illegal overtime hours worked). The list goes on and on. Most employers simply don’t know their rights. And, they will accept their employer’s word for it, and do as they are told, in order to avoid being terminated or being punished in any way.

You don’t have to do this, nor should you. The team at, knows what your rights are, as it pertains to these areas, and all other areas of employment law cases. Don’t try to figure things out on your own, let the top legal minds help you instead.

How about medical and ADA?

There are also discrimination cases revolving around American’s with disabilities (ADA). What if your employer doesn’t make reasonable accommodations, to ensure your workplace is properly equipped and comfortable for you to work? Do you have a claim? Or, if you are hurt on the job and require medical attention. Should you file a worker’s comp claim, does your employer have the right to terminate you for this? No, they don’t!

If you aren’t sure what your rights are as an employee, former employee, disabled employee, or wrongfully terminated employee, the team at knows what those rights are, and work to enforce them and just they are met. No matter what type of employment law case you’re dealing with, you don’t want to fight your employer alone. Especially major employers with multi-million dollar legal teams on their side. Instead, let the top legal experts in California handle your claim, and work to ensure you are justly compensated, and that your rights are preserved, in all employment law disputes.